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Local Cumbrian retailers and suppliers need YOUR help! The Cumbria Online Store ONLY contains products available for sale by Cumbrian businesses. Our online store caters for any retail sector with over 2,500 different categories, ranging from hand crafted gifts to local Cumbrian produce and everything inbetween! Buy using the Cumbria Online Store YOU are making a difference and providing the essential support that keeps many of our quintessential thriving. Every single purchase that you make from the Cumbria Online Store will help and you are directly supporting the fabulous local people, jobs and the wonderful economy in Cumbria & The Lake District.
Thank you for your ongoing support & always remember to Shop Smart, Shop Local, Shop Cumbria.

Cumbria Online Store

Online Shops In The Lake District - Find Local Cumbrian Retailers In Our Online Store

Whether your searching for a list of shops in Carlisle or a lake district shopping centre, the Cumbria Online Store provides local retailers with an outlet for their products. Our online store is open for all sorts of local businesses, from food shops in the Lake District to clothes shops in Penrith, we have a home for them all!. We have utilised our expert knowledge and skills to support local businesses to be found online, so if you are searching for a Lake District shopping outlet or even a Lake District farm shop, browse our listings to find the products you are searching for. Our online store enables you to have access to possibly the largest shopping centre near me and gives you the ability to browse online at home for Lake District clothing shops or shoud you wish to be more specific, such as, Windermere food shops or clothes shops in Carlisle. Your support is valuable to the success of many small Cumbria retailers and by combining your support with the power of the Cumbria Online Store, we have created possibly one of the top 10 online shopping sites in the uk and we aim to top the list of top uk online stores.

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Cumbria Online Store

Support your favourite Cumbrian Retailers by shopping online in the Cumbria Online Store

The Cumbria Online Store provides multiple areas of search engine support for local businesses. As a consumer you can support our shop local campaign by shopping with our displaying retailers.

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You can choose to search for local products by category or you can target your support by searching for online retailers by Cumbrian location. Every purchase that you make via the Cumbria Online Store will directly support a local business in this area. Our unique systems allow businesses to link together via our Super Supplier functionality, so the product may be delivered directly to you by a supplier but the order will be credited to the local business. All of our website has been specifically designed to support this great region so please share it with as many people as you can. You help and support is greatly appriciated and will provide the much needed boost to local and small business economy within Cumbria & The Lake District.

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  • In addition to supporting local businesses online sales, we also provide increased search engine exposure via our sister websites.
  • We support businesses by linking relevant associated categories together, i.e. we link 'Television Shops' to 'Aerial Fitters' where a customer may need both services.
  • We encourage people to support local businesses and link every business by area while also providing additional support with our unique business network linking.
  • Our support for businesses extends to additional coverage in our national websites and we actively promote all relevant businesses to increase their exposure.
Cumbria Online Store

Are you a Cumbrian Retailer? Come and join us! Let our knowledge & skills support your businesses, boosting your online sales.


Search 09/12/2020 - 'Real Ale For Sale'

As you can see from our example search for 'Real Ale For Sale', despite Cumbria having some of the best local breweries, pubs and shops, not a single one appears on page 1 of the search results.

Understanding how people search is critical to getting your products, services and business to appear highly in organic search engine results. Page 1 positions are valuable to generating sales and business enquiries.

We are all guilty of doing it! a quick phone or laptop search and it is rare that we view pg 2 of the results!.

Cumbrian's WANT to shop locally, they WANT to support local businesses, they WANT to find you!

  • We support EVERY local Cumbrian business member
  • We promote Shop Smart, Shop Local, SHOP CUMBRIA
  • Sell your products in our UNIQUE online store
  • Show YOUR support, link and support fellow Cumbrian businesses for the benefit of all members!

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