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The Lake District Website - Unique Features

We have combined our powerful websites to support Cumbria & The Lake District

Cumbrian businesses need support! So we have introduced our first regional parent website to support the area we love. Whatever your business is, join us! You can sell with us, take advantage of our unique e-commerce facility, promote your business via our powerful directory listings, give anyone who loves Cumbria like us a single place on the web to find local businesses to support. Lick, Like, Love Cumbria & The Lake District.

Shop Smart, Shop Local, Support Cumbria & The Lake District

If you own a business in Cumbria & The Lake District then you are welcome to join us. We are also based in this beautiful county and we have designed this website to support all local businesses. We have combined the power and unique features of all our national sites into one special regional site to promote Cumbria & The Lake District. We cover everything from local trades to major attractions, to the fells and surrounding areas. Our parent website ShopSmart provides the power for online shop to enable users to shop by location and support local businesses. As a Cumbrian business you can list items for sale in our online shop, we also have dedicated listings for leisure and the motor industry. With the power of ShopSmart you can have instant access to your own online shop, simply join us and add a page to your own website or share your shop link! It is as simple as that to sell online! With our expert knowledge you can become a Super Supplier, sharing your listings with your customers or joining forces with associated businesses! The linking options are endless and by joining small to medium sized businesses together, we have a bigger e-commerce store than the 'A' word!

Associated Business Linking & championing our favourite / local businesses

Within The Lake District Website we have a complete local business directory system. Powered by our national site Business Link which provides search engine coverage for all local businesses on a national basis. We have a place for every business in Cumbria and the ability for our users to search by local area for the trade or service that they seek. With our listings being powered by our capable directory systems, we link local businesses and trades together to boost Cumbrian businesses online presence, while providing our users a complete online directory system for them to be able to find local trades & businesses. All of our directory listings include our right to be seen algorithm which ensures that no individual business is listed permanently at the top of a list, which gives an unfair advantage to a few businesses.


Infamous for beautiful views, lakes and the legendary Wainrights walks, but what about the rest??? The fabulous areas that are not widely known? so come and join us and help highlight places of interest, beautiful beaches, town trails and the great local walks we Cumbrians do!

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